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The Awake in Relationship podcast launched in March 2020 soon after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic.  Even before ‘social distancing’ measures an epidemic of loneliness has been growing and no one is immune. 

The AIR podcast explores the art of connection though long form interviews with authors, experts and thought leaders on the frontiers of relationship work, community development and change making.  

 New episodes are published twice a month on all major platforms.


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Do you have a great idea for a future episode of Awake In Relationship?   We are open to receiving proposals from published authors and relationship experts who want to feature their work on AIR.  Please be in touch through the contact page.




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014 Dance your ability with Shauna Devlin

014 Dance your ability with Shauna Devlin

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE itunes I stitcher I iheart I spotify I RSSDance Your Ability with Shauna Devlin   Many of us are craving a release from the restrictions Covid has put on our lives.  In all cultures and in all times music and dance have served as a means to...

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