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The Awake in Relationship podcast launched in March 2020 soon after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic.  Even before ‘social distancing’ measures an epidemic of loneliness has been growing and no one is immune. 

Awake In Relationship explores the art of connection though conversations with thought leaders about intimacy, community and culture in a time of great disruption and change.  

The AIR podcast releases new episodes twice a month on all major platforms.


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010 – Fatherhood and the Fall From Grace with Bill Gaston

010 – Fatherhood and the Fall From Grace with Bill Gaston

LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE itunes I stitcher I iheart I spotify I RSSFatherhood and the Fall From Grace with Bill Gaston    By Silas Rose Aug 12, 2020 #010  The relationship between father and son is often defined by ordinary moments shared in silence.  Fathers are held...



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