022 ON AIR: Reclaiming connection in the Internet of Things with Silas Rose

During Covid 19 how we worked, shoped, did yoga, related with family and searched for a mate moved online. The internet enabled this rapid adaption during a time of crisis, but connectivity doesn’t always equal connection.  As more of life is lived online our perception of the world is being shaped by powerful algorithms in ways that often undermine real relationships and our shared sense of humanity

The Self Aware Society

The Self Aware Society              By Silas Rose Feb 21st, 2021   Reminiscent of the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, the attack on the Washington Capitol on January 6th was a potent reminder...

017 ON AIR: Renaissance, revolution and relationships with Silas Rose

It has been a year since recording the first episode of Awake In Relationship and so much has changed. There is nothing like a global pandemic to illuminate the importance of relationships and community. AIR host Silas Rose reflects on the evolution of the podcast and the coming relationship renaissance in the post Covid era.

Nature always wins

Nature Always Wins              By Silas Rose Jan 5th, 2021     It seems so long ago.  Early in the fall of 2019 millions of people were gathering shoulder to shoulder in the streets all around the world to demand action on the...

Never turn away

Never Turn Away              By Silas Rose Nov 22nd, 2020   Thanks to the star power of Oprah and other influencers meditation has officially gone mainstream.  Mindfulness is the new yoga, minus the sexy lycra pants. There are as many...

The Ecstasy of Dance

The Ecstasy of Dance      By Silas Rose Oct 13th, 2020       Every generation has a reason to rebel and every rebellion has a sound track. I grew up in the retirement hamlet of Qualicum Beach in the 1980s, the golden era of hip hop and punk.  I was...


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