050 ON AIR: Synthetic relationships and what makes us human with Silas Rose

050 ON AIR: Synthetic relationships and what makes us human with Silas Rose

The birth of a new super intelligence make possible a golden age, freeing humanity from  sickness, poverty and war. However, we have been given godlike power, without the compassion and wisdom of the gods. Snap Chat, Microsoft, Facebook and Google are racing to add AI functionality to their platforms to drive engagement. Whoever controls the most powerful Ai holds the ring of power.

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044 ON AIR: Season 2 and the ART of reconnecting with Silas Rose

After a hiatus Awake In Relationship is back!  In this episode host Silas Rose talks about his personal bardo experience in the summer of 2022 and the vision for SEASON 2 of the podcast. In this short monologue Silas also discusses the rise of the loneliness epidemic, how our greatest asset - attention - is increasingly being fragmented and monopolized by algorithms and social fitness and the art of reconnecting in an age of constant distractions and dysregulation.

041 ON AIR: Finding home in awakened heart with Silas Rose

The longing for home and belonging runs deep, especially in times of crisis and change. Home is a place of comfort and safety and the container of our dreams. However, comfort can also trap us in a thick cocoon made up of our habitual patterns, relationships and emotions cultivated over years and decades. To know our deeper purpose and truth we eventually need to give up the familiar reference points of home for some new and uncertain.

036 ON AIR: Why Awake In Relationship? with Silas Rose

The inspiration or 'why' of Awake In Relationship comes from a realization that many of the relationships we have relied on for generations of stability, comfort and wellbeing are in serious disrepair or breaking down in these times of change.

029 ON AIR: Polarization and the middle way in a pandemic with Silas Rose

As we enter the fourth wave of the global pandemic polarization threatens to derail the public health response and divide family and friends. How can we meet the challenge of the climate crisis if we cant even have a conversation?  In this instalment of ON AIR Silas explores the middle way - the rare space where love and our shared humanity reside.

Self compassion and the body

Self compassion and the body            By Silas Rose May 11th, 2021   The body has many stories to tell. Most of the time we ignore the subtle messages coming from our somatic experience in the same way we ignore the inner workings of a...

022 ON AIR: Reclaiming connection in the Internet of Things with Silas Rose

During Covid 19 how we worked, shoped, did yoga, related with family and searched for a mate moved online. The internet enabled this rapid adaption during a time of crisis, but connectivity doesn’t always equal connection.  As more of life is lived online our perception of the world is being shaped by powerful algorithms in ways that often undermine real relationships and our shared sense of humanity


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