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The Awake in Relationship podcast explores the modern landscape of intimacy, community and culture in a time of unprecedented change.  Learn the art of connection through interviews with thought leaders on the frontiers of personal growth, spirituality, and activism.   

The AIR podcast launches in March 2020 and will release episodes twice a month on all major platforms including Apple, Stitcher, and Google Play.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and follow us on Instagram.

Podcast 1

001 – Introducing Awake in Relationship podcast

Welcome to the Awake In Relationship podcast!  In this introductory episode host Silas Rose is joined in conversation with community acupuncturist and somatic educator Michael Lium Hall to discuss the vision for AIR, the common challenges of modern intimacy and...

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003 – Ethical non monogamy and monoga-mish w/

With over 50 percent of marriages ending in divorces more people are looking outside the box of conventional monogamy for a new approach to intimacy and committed long term relationships.  Enter polyamory, ethical non monogamy and monoga-mish.  Listen in on my...

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