Do you ever feel like your brain has been hacked by your ‘smart’ phone?

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In the digital age mindfulness is a superpower for managing the fire hose of stimulus and distraction coming from our devices. Our most precious asset is ATTENTION because what we focus on grows. Today it is considered ‘normal’ to spend 7 or more hours a day staring blankly at a screen!
Its a zero sum equation: the more time and attention you invest in abstract, virtualized relationships in the cloud, the less you have for the humans and deep work in the real world that feed your soul.


GOING OFFLINE is a 4 week mindfulness based digital detox and social fitness bootcamp is designed to help you reset your relationship with technology (your phone or laptop) so you can have more time and focus for relationships in the real world.


> Your phone is starting to feel like a personal appendage that you can’t live without

> You want to be more focused and present at work and home

> You want to feel more connection, creativity and contentment in everyday life

> You want to reset your attention palette for more self care, deep work and community building in the real world

>THIS TRAINING IS NOT FOR YOU IF: You are not able to examine the habitual patterns and emotions driving your use of social media and other apps. This course discusses potent topics including loneliness, intimate relationships, self perception, social anxiety and addictions. Please first consult a trusted health professional if you are struggling with a serious mental health condition.

4 weeks to more FOCUS & FUN offline

WEEK 1: Attention reset

In this module we will discuss why attention is the key to healthy relationships and how social media and other forms of digital communication can wreck havoc on our attention and sense of self.  In this session you will also learn a simple mindfulness meditation practice, a morning routine and goals to set the container for this digital detox.

WEEK 2: Going through the fire

When we set limits on our online communication via social media or other apps there can be a sense of becoming persona nongrata. FOMO, anxiety and boredom can come to the surface to hook us. In this session we discuss working with habitual patterns and emotions using mindfulness and self compassion 

WEEK 3: Bids for connection

In this module we discuss mindful communication and relating in the wild. Connecting to fellow humans involves a skill set that many of us have forgotten. Social media and other digital forms of communication have habituated us to presenting a curated version of ourselves to the world. In this session we will explore the role vulnerability and working with fear in forming new relationships and making bids for connection.

WEEK 4: Social fitness for life

Social fitness, like physical fitness, is based on creating a supportive lifestyle. In this final session we will focus on reengaging digital communication as a tool to strengthen social bonds in the real world. By the end of this program you will have a plan to reinvest some of the time recaptured from screens into personal and community relationships.

This course includes

4 sessions live session

This course is presented live on Zoom (I know, oh the irony!). Our devices can be tools to enable real connection and community. Each live module will include teachings and breakout rooms or dyads with real humans sharing their personal journey going offline.

Weekly audio meditations

Between modules there will be weekly audio meditations to deepen your meditation practice and strengthen awareness. By cultivating mindfulness and self compassion we see our own innate goodness and are more open to connection and joy in the offline world.

social fitness journal

This course includes a printable PDF GOING OFFLINE journal with 30 daily reflections and prompts for deepening self awareness, igniting personal creativity and hitting your social fitness goals out in the real world.

How would you invest an extra hour a day recovered from the Apps to build your social capital?

Sign up for the BETA cohort

Sign up below to be a part of a beta test cohort in September 2024. We are looking for participants to offer detailed feedback on this course and a review.  Registration for this beta group is FREE, but limited to 15 people. Claim your spot today!


After beta cohort
  • Program includes:
  • 4 live teaching sessions on Zoom
  • Weekly meditation audio and social fitness challenges
  • GOING OFFLINE 30 day journal

Your mindful coach & guide

Silas Rose is a podcaster, coach and educator focused on conscious relationships in the digital age. For almost two decades Silas practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncture, working primarily in public health with clients with chronic pain and addictions. He has been meditating for over 25 years and teaches in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. In 2020 Silas launched the Awake In Relationship podcast to highlight solutions to the epidemic of disconnection and the loneliness. His mission is to redefine how we interact with technology and restore practices for relating in the world that uplift our human nature and potential.

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