Exchange followers for real friends and focus

A free 60 minute mindful masterclass to help reclaim your attention and bandwidth for counscious relationships and deep work in the real world

Do you ever feel like your brain has been hacked by social media or your smart phone?

In the digital age mindfulness is a super power for managing the fire hose of information and constant distraction from our phones. Our most precious asset is attention because what we focus on grows. If you are like most people it is ‘normal’ to spend 7 or more hours a day staring blankly at a screen. Regardless of how much time you spend online the more you invest in abstract, virtualized relationships in the cloud, the less time and attention you have for real connection with real humans or doing the deep, creative work that speaks to the soul.


Silas Rose is a podcaster, wellness coach and meditation instructor who worked extensively in public health offering acupuncture for clients in recovery from addiction and chronic pain. Seeing the quality of our relationships as a primary determinant of health Silas started the Awake In Relationship podcast to feature personal and community based sollutions to the epidemic of disconnection and  loneliness.  

Join this FREE 1 hour masterclass and start showing the algorithms who is boss!

in this workshop I will share

 ⚉ My journey from chasing dopamine hits from ‘friends’ and ‘likes’ on social media during a pandemic to rebuilding my community(s) in the real world 

⚉ A simple mindfulness practice for reclaiming attention and reconnecting to a deeper sense of self

⚉ The secret morning hack to start your day with focus, creativity and connection 

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