Conscious Creators Speakers Series


Starting a new business or creative venture involves some of the hardest personal growth work one can do. In todays over saturated and competitive media landscape it is easy to get caught up in the grind of chasing leads or producing content to feed the algorithms rather than the soul behind the work, which is why gathering in community with other creators is so important.

The Conscious Creator speaker series and social features mission driven entrepreneurs sharing stories and learning drawn from years in the trenches building successful ventures that balance profit with purpose and the joy of creative freedom.

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March 24th, 2023 @ Kwench Victoria BC


Do you wish you didn’t have to do social media?

If you have been wanting to press the “Evacuate Social Media” button, then this conversation will come as a breath of fresh air and omen from the Universe, that you don’t have to give these big tech companies your private information, best content and advertising dollars in order to build the business & lifestyle of your dreams.

In this 2-Hour Masterclass, Workshop and Coaching Q & A, BRADLEY T. MORRIS (founder of Majik Media & Majik Kids) will Share:

  • Why he left social media six years ago & what happened when he left.
  • How his life, business & brain cells have improved astronomically since leaving social media.
  • EIGHT alternative strategies to grow your business & impact in the world (without social media).

Bradley’s “Business Without Social Media” story & strategies have been enjoyed by thousands of people online.

Join us LIVE at Kwench Friday March 24th, 3 pm – 4:30pm 2031 Store St.

Register for this FREE learning event at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thriving-in-business-and-life-without-social-media-with-bradley-t-morris-tickets-567123340177


Bradley is a prolific creator, business coach, creative director & executive producer at MAJIK MEDIA – where he has been supporting Creators & Independent Educators to produce transformational learning experiences that provide the necessary income to live a purposeful, passionate and fulfilling life for almost two decades. He runs an accelerator called, THE CREATORS CLUB.

In 2021, he and his six year old son, Sauryn  launched a story company called, MAJIK KIDS – where they are producing mind-expanding, magical audio stories, illustrated books, imagination meditations & sing-along music for magical kids. He has published 12 of his own children’s stories. The company is focused on producing the best conscious audio content for kids, to get them off screens and back into their imaginations where all little Creators belong.

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