January 18TH, 2024

Noon – 1pm @ Kwench Victoria BC


5 Practices of Authentic Relating at work


Authentic Relating is a relational practice designed to create a safe and intentional space for meaningful connection. Often assumptions about others and conditioned habits of communication keep us from relating to others fully from a place of vulnerability and truth. The 5 practices of Authentic Relating are road map to opening up communication and forming deeper relationships and community.

In this event participants will learn about the 5 practices of Authentic Relating and how they can be applied in workplace environments to increase empathy and collaborations.

This talk will include both theory and practice, including Authentic Relating games to experience the simple and profound impact of listening, being heard and being seen.

Bernice Ram is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO turned relational coach and facilitator of Authentic Relating training for corporate clients. For more info on Bernice go to businessforhumans.ca


In this free Conscious Creator masterclass you will learn:

How 5 principles of AR can be used to create safety and connection in any social situation

How Authentic Relating practices can enhance connection and collaboration in the work place

The benefits of play and vulnerability in forming deeper relationships


Conscious Creators Speakers Series


Starting a new business or creative venture involves some of the hardest personal growth work one can do. In todays over saturated and competitive media landscape it is easy to get caught up in the grind of chasing leads or producing content to feed the algorithms rather than the soul behind the work, which is why gathering in community with other creators is so important.

The Conscious Creator speaker series and social features mission driven entrepreneurs sharing stories and learning drawn from years in the trenches building successful ventures that balance profit with purpose and the joy of creative freedom.

Want more info or have a suggestion for a great conscious creator to feature in the speaker series?  Send us a message




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