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Silas Rosenblatt is a professional coach, podcaster and educator who focuses on conscious relationships and social fitness in the digital age. For close to 2 decades Silas practiced acupuncture and ran publicly funded Acu Detox clinics in Victoria helping people from all walks of life recover from chronic pain and addictions. As a long term practicing Buddhist and meditation teacher in the Shambhala tradition, mindfulness deeply informs his approach to coaching and group work. In 2020 Silas launched Awake In Relationship to spotlight solutions to the growing epidemic of disconnection and loneliness. He is passionate about curating conversations that inspire self awareness, personal and professional growth and healing on the path to extraordinary relationships.  

Silas lives, works and plays in the unceded territories of the  lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples (Victoria BC).

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It’s time to get real about social fitness

According to recent meta data from 142 countries 1 in 4 people regularly experience feeling lonely. Many experts, including the US Surgeon General, are ringing the alarm calling this an epidemic of loneliness with disastrous consequences for our mental and physical wellbeing.

As more of life is lived online we are investing more of our time and attention on virtualized, abstract relationships in the cloud. Many people these days spend a whooping 7 hours a day or more motionless in front of a screen for work and play. Like muscles that doesn’t get flexed, our social fitness atrophies the less we relate to other humans in the wild.

99.9 percent of our evolutions was spent living and working in community. We are wired for intimate relationships, which is both a strength and weakness. Social media and big tech use our deep needs for conection against us to drive engagement and keep eye balls on screens. They offer us fake rewards like little red hearts, followers and ‘friends’ in exchange for our most precious asset, our attention.

It is a zero sum equation: The more time and attention we spend chasing brief dopamine hits from strangers online, the less we have to give to the relationships and deep work in the real world that really matters.


Awake In Relationship’s mission is to help distracted humans reclaim time and attention from the algorithms to invest in deep work and transformative relationships in the real world

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