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Like yoga or meditation, awareness in relationships can stretch and open us to new possibilities and growth.  The AIR podcast and programs offer an opportunity to learn from experts and change makers, find community and expand your capacity for connection and service in the world.

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About the host

Silas Rose is a podcaster and social entrepreneur broadcasting from Lekwungen territory (Victoria BC),  

Silas’s work spans 2 decades in the NGO sector, private practice and public health as a registered acupuncturist focused on addiction and chronic pain. 

Inspired by the mahayana and dzogchen meditative traditions, Silas explores through podcasting, writing and photography the union of secular and spiritual life and the urgency of social awakening.  

As an aspiring pantomath with beginners mind, Silas’s approach to hosting the AIR podcast emphasizes openness and curiosity as he curates incisive and meaningful conversations about the heart of relationships in a rapidly changing world. 

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