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Consent and the Path of Pleasure with

Betty Martin


As mammals we are intrinsically wired to experience pleasure, but how we actualize our desires in this modern age has never seemed more complex.  The pandemic times added a new layer of anxiety to the simple human need for intimacy and connection. Touch can be incredibly healing and transformative when mindfully offered and received fully.  Consent is an ongoing process of mutual agreements, rather than a destination.  As partners in the path of pleasure it is possible to move beyond old wounds and expand our capacity for love and deep intimacy.

In this episode of Awake In Relationship I speak with author and educator Betty Martin regarding her new book The Art of Giving and Receiving:The Wheel of Consent and how to arrive at YES in any relationship.  We also discuss how relaxation and the curiosity to follow your own pleasure can lead to deeper ecstatic states in intimacy.

Show Notes

  • To learn more about Betty Martin and her work go to instituteforsexuality.com or  bettymartin.org 
  • To get a free chapter from Betty’s book The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent go here
  • To learn the 3 Minute Game mentioned during the episode for exploring giving and receiving with a partner go here

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