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ON AIR: Why Awake In Relationship? with Silas Rose


In this monologue Silas reintroduces the podcast for new listeners.

February marks the 2 year anniversary of AIR. The show launched in the wake of some big personal losses and a global pandemic. The inspiration or ‘why’ of Awake In Relationship comes from a realization that many of the relationships we have relied on for generations of stability, comfort and wellbeing are in serious disrepair or breaking down in these times of change.

We have been social distancing for a while, long before Covid. If we want a better world we need better relationships. The ‘awake’ in Awake In Relationships speaks to a quality of awareness that acknowledges our intrinsic goodness and worthiness of love in its many magical forms. Through practicing the art of connection in daily life a saner, more compassionate world is possible.




Show Notes

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Episode Transcripts

intro  0:09
You’re listening to Awake In Relationship, a podcast about intimacy, community and culture in a time of great change with Silas Rose.
Silas Rose  0:38
Hello, my name is Silas Rose, your turned into Awake In Relationship. This is another installment of my segment on calling ON AIR, which is a short monologue where I pull back the curtain on some of the ideas and inspiration that arise in the process of creating this podcast.
It’s a new year, and it’s also getting close to the two year anniversary of the launch of Awake In Relationship, which is somewhat mind blowing.  I am 35 episodes into this journey. For the benefit new listeners I thought I’d reintroduce the podcast and talk a little bit about the why behind the show. I launched in February 2020 around the time when reports were coming out of China around some mysterious bad virus. So you can say that this show is very much a Covid baby. The pandemic was the latest in a series of earth shaking events my personal life. In a short period of time I said goodbye to my parents, a close personal mentor and my spiritual community that suddenly dissolved in scandal. Anyone that’s familiar with grief knows how disorientated can be,
According to The Tibetan Book of the Dead. These transition times are known as a Bardo, or intermediary state, when the familiar world we once knew, just disappears. I think that’s something we can all relate to at this point, as we have all been in a collective Bardo for the past two years, many of the relationships that we’ve come to rely on for stability, comfort, and well being are very stressed right now. And in some cases, breaking down. This is where the question of ‘why’ AwakeIn  Relationship comes in.
The inspiration for this podcast really comes from a long held sense than I and perhaps the collective  WE have fallen asleep atthe wheel when it comes to the important relationships that sustain us, Let’s face it, we’ve been social distancing for a  while. long before Covid. For some that neglect, speaking personally, it’s really just kind of pure laziness. Some of it is very much by design, if we look at the growing influence of technology in our lives, more of our attention is being consumed in virtual disembodied spaces. In summary, it’s very easy to feel disconnected. And Im not very enthusiastic about the solutions being offered by billionaires and tech giants to fill that void.
The ‘awake’ in Awake In Relationship relates to the quality of awareness, we all possess of inate goodness, our worthiness of love and connection. in its many forms. This view of relationships really comes from my Buddhist training. There was a point when I really retreated into my spiritual practice as a way to escape the messy nature of relationships and really some of the complex, deep feelings that they evoke. In retrospect, I think it’s really necessary for me to really get a glimpse of what self love means, which is really the first stage of any relationship. But eventually, we all have to kind of come back down from the mountain, at this point I really see the journey of awareness, and lourney of relationships as really two wings of a bird. We need both to fly,
Love demands courage. And in these turbulent changing times, we need a lot of courage to face ourselves, to face others with kindness and compassion. If you’re like me, maybe you are really feeling the urgency of the moment, and a strong desire to create a better world. If we’re going to do that, we’re going to need to create better relationships. Some of the content and guests you’ll discover on the show really focus on specific skills, like how we deepen intimacy, resolve conflict, build community and find that perfect mate, but also I like to zoom out to the 30,000 foot level, we’re all part of the same social body and that includes how we interface with the natural world, or sacred world, how we engage with our technology in dealing with some of the big issues like the climate crisis, or how we sustain our democracy into the 21st century..
At its core the show is really about the art and practice of connection. I certainly don’t consider myself an expert in that realm. I’m very much a fellow curious traveler, I am hoping you as the listener, will feel inspired to engage in this path with me.  Together we can help build a more sane and compassionate world, the one we all dream of, one ‘awake’ relationship at a time. Thank you so much for tuning in dear listener. Till next time, stay connected
Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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