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Intimacy and the Intelligent Couple During Covid with Penelope Hagan and Michael Lium Hall


During the pandemic many couples are reporting that home life is feeling like a pressure cooker of stress and frustration.  Some experts are even calling this time an anger incubator.   Juggling domestic and work duties, as well as money problems are exposing the fault lines in many long term relationships.   

In this episode I speak with intimacy coaches Penelope Hagan and Michael Lium Hall about how to keep the vitality, passion and curiosity alive with your intimate partner during a time when everything seems to be falling apart.  We also discuss the role of consent in a long term relationship and practices for reigniting pleasure and connection with your beloved.

Show Notes

  • To learn more about Penelope and Michael’s coaching work check out intimateintelligence.com
  • To learn more about consent in intimate relationships check out Betty Martin and the Wheel of Consent 
  • To learn more about Sexological Bodywork training go here


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