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Nature Based Therapy in an Age of Anxiety with David Segal


In a time when many of us are spending 11 or more hours a day glued to screens our innate connection to the nature has suffered.  Youth are particularly vulnerable to algorithms that  distort our sense of self and perception of the world around us.  Beyond Covid 19 there is a looming mental health crisis on the horizon, and there isn’t an App for that.  In this episode of AIR I speak with David Segal, clinic counsellor and co author with Dr. Nevin J. HarperKathryn Rose of Nature Based Therapy: A Practitioners Guide to Working Outdoors with Children, Youth and Families.   David offers some practical nature based practices for working with anxiety and grief around the climate crisis and global pandemic.

Show Notes

Interpersonal Neuroscience and Somatic Psychology
Bessel Van der Kolk The body Keeps the Score
Sharon Stanley Somatic Transformation
Drs Daniel Seigel, Antonio Demasios, Allan Shore, Stephen Porges Interpersonal neurobiology
Alysha Jones and David Segal – Unsettling ecopsychology
Thomas Doherty Eco-anxiety
Nature Connection




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