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Asserting Indigenous rights in the fight against eco racism with Ana Simeon


   By Silas Rose Jul 15, 2020


#009  In the wake of George Floyd’s murder at the hands of police in Minneapolis a global anti racist movement has risen and brought to light a long history of inequality and racism woven into our key institutions. Canada is not immune to racism and has its own history of white supremacy expressed in the colonial agenda that seeks to dispossess Indigenous peoples of their inherit rights and tittle over their lands.  

In this episode we discuss First Nations rights and title and the struggle against eco-racism with Ana Simeon, fundraiser and campaigner for Raven Trust, a not for profit that raises money for First Nations legal defence.

Show Notes

To learn more about Ana’s work at RAVEN Trust check out raventrust.com 

Readings discussed in this episode about Canadian history and reconciliation with First Nations

Unsettling Canada by Arthur Manuel 

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action

Reconciliation Canada 

Union of BC Indian Chiefs

2019 Bill 41 Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act in British Columbia

Coast Protectors on Facebook

Terra Nullius and the Doctrine of Discovery


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