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Relational Tonglen: Creating space for hard conversations with Susan Gillis Chapman


   By Silas Rose Jul 10, 2020


#008 After 3 months of Covid lockdown many people are confronting conflict and challenges in close relationships,  When it is at home or work a breakdown in communication can sometimes feel like living inside a pressure cooker that is about to blow.  Strong emotions quickly take over and it easy to turn someone we care deeply about into an object of anger or even hate.  How do we stay connected to our vulnerability and express our needs when emotions are running high?  Tonglen is an ancient Buddhist practice for opening the heart and working with suffering, others and our own.  In this episode we will talk with Susan Gillis Chapman, author and Buddhist teacher about this powerful practice and creating a safe space for difficult conversations.

Show Notes

To learn more about Susan Gillis Chapman check out Green Zone Institute 

Susan’s book – 5 Keys of Mindful Communication  

To learn more about the practice of Tonglen check out this instruction from Buddhist author and teacher Pema Chödrön 

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