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#006 TAKAYA – Lessons on aloneness from a lone wolf with Cheryl Alexander



   By Silas Rose May 12, 2020


After a couple of months in Covid 19 lock down many of us have been deeply contemplating our aloneness. TAKAYA the lone wolf of Discovery Island BC has become a symbol of resilience in these lonely and uncertain times. TAKAYA, a lone dispersing coastal wolf managed to survive and thrive in his archipelago home against all odds for 7 years. His incredible life was documented by Cheryl Alexander, an international conservation photographer and educator living in Victoria BC. 

In March 2020 TAKAYA was killed by a hunter, but his story and resilient spirit continues to touch countless people around the world. In this episode Cheryl shares some of her personal experiences with TAKAYA and talks about his legacy going forward as well as the power of connecting to the wild.

Show Notes


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