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Bringing intimate relationships to the path with Ethan Nichtern


For anyone on a spiritual path, like meditation or yoga, the mundane reality of daily life can seem like a distraction from the ‘real’ work of waking up.  We might be able to rest peacefully in shamatha for hours, but when it comes to relating with the wants and needs of our family or lover we quickly fall into a hell realm of familiar reactive patterns. 

In this episode of awake In Relationship with Ethan Nichtern, Buddhist teacher and author of the Dharma of the Princess Bride, we chat about meditation as a practice for fully showing up in friendship, romance and family life.  If you are a fan of the Princess Bride you are going to love this episode!

Show Notes

  • To find out more about Ethan Nichtern’s work check out ethannichtern.com
  • Have a listen to Ethan’s podcast The Road Home 
  • Ethan’s book – The Dharma of the Princess Bride can be found here


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