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Introduction to Awake In relationship Podcast with Silas Rose & Michael Lium Hall

Welcome to the Awake In Relationship podcast! 

In this short introductory episode host Silas Rose is joined in conversation with colleague, community acupuncturist and somatic sex educator Michael Lium Hall to discuss the vision and inspiration for AIR, the common challenges of modern intimacy and staying connected and how to transform a polarized society one relationship at a time.

Show Notes

In this inaugural episode of Awake In Relationship.Silas is joined in conversation with friend and colleague Micheal Lium Hall.  Michael is Registered Acupuncturist who runs a community acupuncture clinic in Victoria BC, to find out more about Hemma check out  – https://hemma.ca/

For Michael’s bodywork practice, Intimate Intellegence check out – https://intimateintelligence.com/


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