awake in relationship

In the digital age social fitness is as important as physical fitness for wellbeing and  growth. Awake In Relationship’s mission is to help leaders and change makers reclaim the power of connection from the algorithms and create thriving, conscious relationships at home and in the workplace.

Less followers, more friends

Long before the pandemic introduced us to social distancing an epidemic of loneliness has been spreading and no one is immune. There are many reason why loneliness is on the rise, but chances are one of the biggest contributors is in your hand right now or back pocket. The smartphone is an indispensable tool in modern life and also a weapon of mass distraction that can impair our ability to focus, be present and connect.

We evolved as communal animals and need healthy relationships to thrive. As more of life is lived on screens our social muscles can atrophy, making harder to form intimate relationships with other humans out in the wild.

Like physical fitness, social fitness impacts our health, happiness and worklife in profound ways. In the words of Esther Perel, ˜the quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships’

Lets show the algorithms who’s boss. A more connected world is possible, one awake relationship at a time.


4 weeks to more focus & friends

GOING OFFLINE is a 4 week mindfulness based digital detox and social fitness bootcamp designed to help you reset your relationship with your phone and reclaim time and attention for cultivating realtionships and joy in the real world.

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